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Elevator Maintenance and Installation

Elevator Service and Installation

Providing Assistance in:

  Quality Assurance
  Complex Systems Maintenance
  Elevator Recommendations and Installation
  Performance and operational review of existing units
  Inspection and testing to ensure the highest level of safety and
      product integrity
  Cab upgrades and modernization planning
  Traffic analysis and specification recommendations
  ADA Compliance

Florida Elevator Inspection Notice
Elevator Maintenance

   In the last ten years, technological advancements in the elevator / escalator industry have been staggering. The need for comprehensive inspections that effectively ensure the correct operation and maintenance of this "High Tech" equipment and provide for the safety of the riding public is vital. Therefore, the demands on the Elevator Owners have increased.
We provide personalized service within the boundaries of the ASME A17.1 Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators. Our goal is to increase the knowledge level of elevator owners and assist them in attaining the highest level of service/ reliability possible. We are your code experts, staying abreast of the latest code changes and baseline safety standards that change due to technological advances in equipment and controls.
  At Strawn Consulting Services, our inspectors have the qualifications and experience necessary to competently assess  your vertical transportation problems and needs. We will work diligently to protect your interests and those of your guests by providing thorough inspections, training and operational insight. We also work closely with other affected trades to insure continuity in all project management issues.
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